qualcomm tab allwinner tab imei repair

we glad to Announce we are world first to bring you service for repairing original imei for qualcomm cpu base tab and allwinner cpu base tab or phone.

yes we did again.
if you phone or tab is like this
“CPU TYPE = qcom”
you are on qualcomm base tab you can not repair imei with MTK android method.
“CPU TYPE = MID-GSM” or allwinner cpu
you are on allwinnner base tab or phone you can not repair imei with MTK androids method.

we present you service take 5min maxim, we do over team viewer fast and secure easy for every one.

Service cost only Rs:500/= after repairing imei it will stay life long, won’t be erased after wiping or restoring. yes PERMANENT IMEI REPAIR.

Best Regards
Chevli Software Solution Team

10 Responses to qualcomm tab allwinner tab imei repair

  1. atul gupta says:

    “You Allwayes World First”

    Thank You

  2. can i get your contact no

  3. i have tab want to unlock it

  4. i have go pad purchase from thailand ,when i put sim in it no service is coming any solution plz give me

  5. Hello naved
    You must fix it with valid imei with us. as you can see service charge is Rs:500 only or 10usd what ever is good for you..

    You can use contact us forum to communicate with us and set a appointment.

  6. mail me you phone no and address please

  7. my Huawei modem is without SIM, I mean we use the ineerntt without SIM we just buy the modem and we can connect to the ineerntt. the modem has ESN number, we have a profile according to ESN number there we can recharge it.and our ineerntt speed is very low (sometimes 2Kbps, usually 25Kbps)so could you help me and show me a way to increase speed.note:we don’t have speed limit it’s from 0 to infinite