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  • MTK androids

    Hello to all
    as we know MTK come in most of china cloned phones.

    in past we developed solution to repair original imei in this type of phones & tabs which support till androids os 4.0.3 and lower.

    now its seems androids don’t like it and patched bug in androids OS 4.0.4 .

    that’s no problem for us we developed again new method to repair original imei in this type of tabs or phones which run MTK cpu.

    but for security reason we will do only on when you send us phone or tab to repair.

    you can contact us by contact form to send your phone to repair with us and bank details for fund transfer.

    service cost only Rs:500/= after repairing imei it will stay life long, won’t be erased after wiping or restoring. yes PERMANENT IMEI REPAIR.

    Best Regards
    Chevli Software Solution Team