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    Hello to all

    We are ready after lots testing..

    We are glad to present solution for androids google pattern,androids user code,androids google permanent locked solution.

    Service cost is INR Rs:500/= only per phone.

    We will do online no need to send us phone.

    Best part is you will NOT loss any data from phone. we will not delete or remove any user data 100% guarantee.

    Our solution is tested on all handset present in samsung androids,mtk androids,other xyz androids..

    Phone must be androids and must detect in pc in recovery or normal mode else we can’t fix it.

    You can contact us via contact form to book your timing to make your phone repair online.

    Service take 5min to 15min depend on phone type and phone condition..

    We can recover original pattern user put.
    We can recover original password user put.
    We can disable password or pattern if user want.
    We can disable and remove password,pattern or Google account asking message from your permanent locked phone.
    All via original usb cable..

    Best Regards
    Chevli Software Solution