8 Responses to Unlockcodes

  1. need help on unlocking restricted nokia 6234, I tries some ideas but phone said can’t do unrestrict as counter is full, any help plz
    ime 351869010752432 vodafone Australia

  2. I forgot to mention that I want to use the phone in New zealand

  3. another mistake, the last ime number is 7 not 2

  4. alexander says:

    can you unlock htc one m8 sprint to use in gsm network (not in USA)

  5. Can U Unlock LG G2 D800 SIM Lock???

    Please give response

    at 9825280128


  6. are you unlocked smasung s7edge

  7. this phone is usa t mobile

  8. can u u unlock lg ms 330 usa metro pcs /t mobile